The Musings of Robbie Nesmith


A level editor for the game Superstar Chefs

ChefEdit 2.0

Version 2 of ChefEdit, remade in React

Color Trainer

Train your color recognition in different color spaces

DMC Palette

A DMC thread to GIMP Palette converter


Fake Windows on the web

LED Strip

Client for my ESP8266 LED strip sunrise alarm

LEGO Star Wars Cheats

Browse LEGO Star Wars cheat codes

Lights Out

Lights out game written in React

Minecraft Chest Simulator

An old Minecraft chest simulator translated to JavaScript

My Panoramas

Some of my panoramas in a PanoLens.js viewer

P5.js Sketches

Sketches and games


Client for ESP8266 remake of /r/place

RaubrieCraft Stats

Player statistics for Raubriecraft (not active)

Robbie's Dumb Client

Client for Robbie's Dumb Server (PWA Test)

Robbie's Palm Page

Information about Palms


A customizeable Scattergories clone

Stepmania Viewer

View steps in .sm files in your browser

VR Slideshow

A slideshow of VR Images

Weather GIFs

View weather GIFs from Iowa State

Window Designer

Design your own window chrome